That moment when… #6

That moment when you get into work in the morning, you press in the button on your computer to turn it on, and then realise you left it on the previous day because a job you were running on it, hadn’t finished when you left the office and you needed to let it finish successfully.

I assume you realise what the problem is with what I’ve described? Yes, I’d pressed the on/off button on my pc to allegedly turn it on, but instead, because it was on, as soon as I released the button, my pc was going to shut down before I could see whether the job I’d left running on it the day before had finished, and if it had finished successfully.

So realising what was about to happen, I then proceeded to do a bit of a conjuring act, as with one finger I continued to hold in the on/off button so my pc didn’t turn off, while with my other hand, tried to turn on my monitors and type in my login/password information so I could then see the results of the job that I’d left running.

After getting the details I needed, I obviously then had to release the on/off button and shut down my pc, as I certainly could be a contortionist all day!

I’ve actually done this a few times, and ended up having to stick post-it notes over the on/off button of my pc reminding me not to turn it off, to try to stop me having repeat of this ‘moment when’.

These days, most ‘jobs’ run on remote servers which our pcs are simply connecting to, so turning off your pc/laptop isn’t the same issue it once was.

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