That moment when… #10

That moment when you receive a phone call to offer you your very first job!

For me, I’d had a lot of job interviews before I was finally successful and offered a job. It had been getting quite depressing how many times I’d had no replies to job applications, been called for interview and then heard nothing further or got the dreaded ‘Dear John’ letter.

The job I eventually got was one I really didn’t expect to get as they had been looking for someone with some specific experience, which I didn’t haven’t. Some how though I obviously impressed (or at least did enough for them to have faith in my abilities), and as you can imagine was absolutely delighted when I got that phone call offering me the post.

How was you’re first job offer – Was it a job really wanted, or one you weren’t really wanting?

Whatever your first job, I’m sure you were happy to get the job offer, as at the very least, it meant you were going to earn some money!

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