We all glibly say ‘I hate such-and-such’ when we fall out with someone or dislike something.

We hear children saying ‘I hate you’ when they’re angry or annoyed that they haven’t got their own way.

 In reality in both these scenarios what we really mean is we ‘dislike’ someone or something. Hatred is such a strong powerful word that means intense dislike or abhorrence. I.e. Not ‘I’m just not very keen on something.

How many times have you said you hate something or someone? Did you really mean ‘hate’?

I think you’d agree that most people do not really ‘hate’ anyone. We may dislike them but we don’t really hate them. Hatred suggests we are completely opposed to a persons standards or ethics, we disagree with their beliefs or religion and that we simply despise them just because they are different from us.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of person I want be. Sadly there are many in our world today who do actually hate others, and will do absolutely anything to ensure others know they hate them.

Let’s pray for peace, and an end to hatred in this world we live in. It’s become a very dark and unwelcoming place to live. However there is still a ray of hope and light trying to burst through, and that is God’s love for us. We must therefore spread that light in this world so that the darkness can be eradicated, and there is an end to hatred and war.

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