It’s to use your imagination!

Imagine it’s an evening, it’s dark outside, you’re in your house safe and warm, sitting with your feet up watching the tv. All of a sudden a thunderstorm starts. It get’s closer and closer until it sounds as though it’s almost directly overhead.

Bang! There’s a thud, and then all the lights and the power goes off. You’re plunged into darkness.

So you’ve no power, so no lights, no tv…

What do you do now?

I guess for some of us, our laptops and/or tablets or phones will still have charge in them, so we’ll still be able to browse the internet and/or play games on our devices. But imagine the power runs out on your devices while the power is still off, so then what do you do?

I suspect for me, if there nothing I can really do, I would probably go to bed and sleep!

How about you what would you do?

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