Being outside

Yesterday I reminded us that no-one should feel like an outsider with God, because God loves each one of us.

Despite this, there are still hose who feel like outsiders. So what makes them feel like they are outsiders? There can be a number of reason why in certain aspect of life, people can feel like an outsider. Here’s a few:

  • They have no family or close friends who go to the same place – possibly a club, church or even place of employment.
  • They find it difficult to make friends.
  • They feel physically or emotionally different.
  • They come from a different cultural or spiritual background.
  • They feel alone on a crowd.
  • They don’t like having to ‘make conversation’ with others.

When people feel like outsiders it’s unlikely that no-one notices, that’s the very nature of why they feel like an outsider. So I ask you today, every place you go this week, have a look around at everyone there, is there anyone there who meets any of the criteria I’ve listed above?

If so, there’s a good chance they may be feeling like an outsider, so do something about it – Reach out to them, befriend them. It may be difficult because of how they are feeling, but persevere. You can help an outsider feel they belong in your circle, just as we all belong to God.

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