Predictions – we all like to make them sometimes don’t we, particularly when it comes to sorting events or tournaments. So it’s no great surprise that long before the Fifa 2018 football world cup started in Russia on Thursday, many had already stated their predictions of:

  • which team might win
  • who would be the star player of the tournament
  • which team may be the surprise team of the tournament
  • which teams would struggle to get any points
  • etc

Every world cup and every European championships for the last number of years, we’ve had a predictions competition at work. This involves not only trying to predict who would win each game, but what the score would be, and also who would score the goals. For each of those things you get right, you get extra points.

Needless to say, some I know put in a lot of effort to investigate and analyse the team, players and past results, to try to get an insight into how each game will go; others just go with their first thoughts of scores and scorers, and hope for the best. At the end of the day, you can do as much analysis as you want, but football is just a game, an unpredictable game that can often throw up very unexpected results.

We’re now in day 4 of this year’s world cup with fa number of games played, so have any of your predicted champions shown their worth, or have they shown they’re far from the finished article?

So who do you think will win this years tournament? Please cast your vote, and we’ll seen in a few weeks time how good we all were at predicting who would win!

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