At the heart of life #3

In the previous parts of this blog post (At the heart of life #1 and At the heart of life #2) I spoke about how the heart is an important organ in our body to keep us alive and functioning and then how the heart is at the centre of our relationship with God. Today it’s all about love, ahh!

When you fall in love, there are your heart is physically affected in a few ways:

  1. When we first realise we‘re attracted to someone, there is a chemical reaction starts in your body, which pumps through your body by your heart, making you more alert. When you show affection to one another this apparently lowers your cholesterol level because hormones are released which is good for your heart.
  2. When we fall in love it triggers a ‘fight or flight’ reaction in us, which in turn makes our heart beat faster which is why we get that feeling of our heart pumping when we’re attracted to someone. This also means blood gets diverted to our essential organs, like our heart, and explains why sometimes we lose our appetite at these times as well.
  3. Lots of hormones are released when we’re in love, and this surprisingly lowers your blood pressure – Maybe it’s just me, but I would have thought it would increase your blood pressure, but apparently not! It’s actually the unhealthy relationships that increase your blood pressure!
  4. Those who are socially isolated or lonely are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems such as the hardening of the arteries and plaque formation. It also leads to raised blood pressure, which can result in a stroke or heart disease. The action of hugging helps reduce blood pressure and is an excellent reason to nurture a special relationship.

The positive physical effects on the heart and circulation when you are falling in love go way beyond a simple attraction to someone as they actually help us live healthier lifestyles.

So look after your heart, find your sole-mate, and fall in love, not only will it make you happy, it’s great for your heart too!

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