Too late

Are you a person who is always very early for every event, or are you always running about at the last minute to get there just in time?

There are some things in life that it doesn’t really matter whether you get there on time or not, such as:

  • shopping
  • parties
  • meetings
  • lunch or dinner dates
  • bus or train

You may not agree with some of those things, but really does it matter if you’re late for them. i.e. is it a matter of life or death?

Speaking of life or death, there are some life events that you probably don’t want to be late for:

  • birth of your child
  • death of a love one

It’s not the end of the world if you do miss these events, but if for example you aren’t with a loved one when they die it can be difficult to forgive yourself for not being there for them, and for you when they most needed you.

There is one other life or death situation we must not be late for, and that’s giving your heart and your all to God. If we’re too late at doing this, i.e. we die before we get round to accepting Him as our Lord and Saviour, it’s too late, our future has been decided.


  1. how can anyone not be there when someone they love died? sounds like they don’t really care if do that. Would stay with ma mum an da if if was them so could say goodbye


    1. There are many circumstances that can cause us not to be with those we love when they are dying – they may live very far away, they may have taken ill suddenly or had an accident. Even when you know someone you love is dying, it’s not always possible to know when they will die so may think we have more time to say goodbye to them than we actually have.
      It can be difficult to think of loved ones passing away and you not being with them, but realistically, it can happen to you, and it can and has, happened to me. I wish I’d been there when my loved ones died, but they although we knew in each case they were dying, the took a turn for the worse when I wasn’t with them, and passed away when I wasn’t there – It’s devastating, but there’s nothing I can do now to change that. I’m reassured though by the fact that they knew I loved them, and that reassures me too.


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