Your Christmas Day

What does Christmas Day look like for you?

Well over the years, like many my Christmas Day has changed dramatically. When I was young Santa came to our house twice on Christmas Day – one in the morning when it was just Mum, Dad and me, and then later after dinner with all the family (including gran, aunts, uncles, cousins and great aunts), when we’d all exchange Christmas gifts. We’d then spend the evening playing games, watching a bit tv, and eating!

The next big change was when my cousins got a bit older and had their own families, so while the first part of the day remained the same, it was then just Mum, Dad, gran, my Aunt Mae and my great aunts for dinner. My cousins and their families would then come later in the evening, so Santa waited to make his second appearance of the day until they arrived.

When I got married Christmas became a day of eating even more, as we’d spend the first half of the day with my husband’s Mum and the second half of the day with a few of my family – Mum, Dad and Aunt Mae. Santa came three times then – in the morning for my husband and me, at my mother-in-laws and then again at my Mum and Dad’s!

Then we come to now…these days Christmas is just me and my husband, so we have a quiet Christmas by ourselves.

My Christmases may not be the busy days I used to have with lots of family around, but at least I have someone to share my Christmas Day with.

Sadly there many who will spend Christmas Day as they do every other day, alone. Sadly there are many who will spend the day thinking of past Christmases with loved ones who have passed away or who have moved away.

Can I ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy Christmas Day to either phone or pop and see someone you know who may be lonely this Christmas, or feeling sad because those they love are no longer with them. They will be finding Christmas Day extra difficult, so you could just make someone’s Christmas if you take the time to speak to or visit someone.

christmas alone

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