In our struggles

I’ve said it before, but I want to tell you again in the hope that you realise I’m not just saying what I think I should say, but what I know to be the truth.

I have had some very dark moments in my life, when I’ve questioned not only God’s existence, but my own. I’ve questioned whether there was any point in going on, as I felt as though no one truly cared about me. But even in those darkest of times, something, or should I say someone kept me going – I believe that was God. Because looking back on those days I realised that while at the time I thought no-one cared, God was still there and was answering those prayers I’d stopped praying days/weeks beforehand.

That is why having got through those tough times a number of years ago, my faith is now stronger than it ever was. I can’t imagine ever questioning God’s existence or doubting he is there for me ever again.

Trust God, because He believes in you and will always be there for you.


  1. Thanks for ur very honest post about ur darkest times. Its reassuring to know I’m not the only person whose gone thru this experience.
    When ur in a bad place it does feel like none cares. I found it very hard to talk to anyone about how I felt as folk kept telling me to ‘pull myself together’ or to ‘give yourself a shake’. These comments really not helpful and pushed me deeper into a depression. I found I didn’t even think about God at all during that time when now I know I should have trusted him more. Just like u i now know he didn’t forget me and that it was only because of him that Im still here today. Thank goodness God believed in us and didn’t give up on us, even tho I gave up on him.
    Thank u for continuing to be honest and open as u share ur Christian experiences with us thru ur blog.
    Much love. D


    1. Thanks Dianne for your very kind comments. You too were very honest in your comments. I don’t think there’s any point in me writing posts that just regurgitate all the things people expect Christians to say – I need to show we experience ups and downs in life just the same as anyone else, so I can only do that if I’m honest. I simply hope my honesty helps someone realise that God is always looking out for them, even when we think he’s forgotten us. Take care of yourself. .x


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