You never know

Have you ever thought someone was avoiding you? Or maybe you’ve been the person that’s avoiding others?

Well maybe this might help you understand what might be going on.

I’d say I could say “Yes, that’s me”, to each of the 5 scenarios in this quote – Although some seem to have been full-time for a while.

The bottom line is, we never really know what others are going through, so don’t assume you know why someone is acting the way they are. Instead ask them if they’re ok, and when they tell you they’re fine, ask them again is they are ok. If they still tell you they’re fine, tell them you want to help them and ask them again if they’re ok.

Admitting openly to someone that you’re struggling, if often the hardest thing, even although you could do with the emotional support others may be able to offer you.


  1. I’ve had times where I have avoided others in the past. I felt, and somewhat correctly, that I was not as worthy when I went through a speedbump in my life which included dropping out of college.
    These people also avoided me to a degree. One of the worst things that happened during this period is that I was not included to be a bridesmaid when I got married. I did reconnect with that particular friend but not really with others from that time.


    1. I’m sorry you have experienced that. However if your ‘friends’ avoided you too, maybe they aren’t really the kind of friends you think they are? True friends will see your struggling or in trouble and won’t accept that you’re ok, no matter how often you tell them you are. I pray you feel better now and have a great group of friends and family around you who you can share your feelings with.

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  2. Much time has passed since that period. I have reconnected with one of my friends, actually the one who didn’t include me in her wedding, lol. The others from that time I could care less about. I learned a lot about friendship and loyalty.


    1. Yep sometimes it’s takes some difficult situations for us to learn who our true friends are. It’s the tough times in life that make us stronger people.


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