We’re never happy!

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year for many of us, as temperatures across the UK soared above 30 degrees. In some place it was actually the hottest July day ever recorded.

How many times yesterday did you say, or hear someone say, “it’s too hot!”? But earlier in the week when it was dull, cooler and possibly even a little wet, how many time dis you say, or hear someone say, “I just want a sunny day with no rain”?

And a few months ago when it was still Spring, how many times did you or someone else say, “it’s cold, I wish it was hotter”?

All contradictions, as when it’s cold we want the sun to come out so we get some heat, but when the sun is out and we get a hot day, we complain it’s too hot, and want it to cool down!

We’re never happy are we!

Is this just a UK thing, that we always complain about the weather regardless of whether it’s cold or hot? Or do people in other countries do this too?

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