Well yesterday at work I got stuck in one of our lifts for about half an hour!

I had been out for a walk at lunch time and on my return to our building felt a little tired so thought I’d get the lift rather than walking up three flights of stairs. I got in the lift and pressed the button for floor three, the lift went up to the third floor, but then the doors didn’t open. I tried going to each of the other floors again but still the doors wouldn’t open. I phoned one of my colleagues in my office and the started events to get the engineer to come and get me out.

When I did get out the lift, I was told I was very calm, which I was. It wasn’t the biggest of lifts and was absolutely roasting, but I’m not bothered by enclosed spaces, and ultimately knew I was in no danger etc. I was glad I was returning from my lunch and had a bottle of fruit juice with me, as I ended up drinking nearly all of it in the lift because it was so hot!

It’s funny I never really thought about what it would be like to be stuck in a lift before, but it was actually ok. Mind you, as one of my colleagues said it might not have ok if the lift had been full. Yeah stuck in a full lift with no room to move, does not sound like fun and would have been incredibly hot, as it was bad enough today with just me in the lift!

Well that’s one more thing I can I have now experienced, being stuck in a lift!

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