We’re not perfect

I’m sure I’ve told you before, but for those who haven’t been reading my blog for long, I am a perfectionist. As such, no matter how well or otherwise, I do something, I always think I could do better. I know it’s always good to challenge ourselves to improve ourselves, however it is important to always remind ourselves that we are not perfect, and never will be!

It took me a lot of years before I came to realise this, and then started being kinder to myself, in the knowledge that just because I don’t do something perfectly, doesn’t make me a failure.

In fact it’s only when I accepted that I can never be perfect I realised that it is actually ok not to be perfect, because even when I do fail, God will take care of me.

We’re not perfect, so if like me, you’re a perfectionist, remind yourself that it is in fact ok not to be perfect. God loves us just the way we are, and when we seek his guidance, he will help us improve ourselves. We will never be perfect, but that’s ok because God accepts us just the way we are.

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