Faith in the darkness

Darkness can be terrifying at times, particularly when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. You can’t see what dangers lie ahead, and have no idea whether there’s even a path in front of you or not.

Those same feelings apply when we’re facing tough times in our life – The darkness may not be physical darkness in these circumstances, but it still feels like a darkness because of our mood or our emotional state.

Those of us who believe in God are not immune from feeling ‘the darkness descend’ around their lives at times. That’s because, we are still human, we still go through the same life events and circumstances that everyone else does. The only difference is that we believe what the picture above tells us, that God guides us through every day of our lives, even those when we feel like we’re sinking into the darkness, are no-one cares.

It’s during those times that no matter how much we think God has abandoned or deserted us, we must continue to be faithful to God, as he is always faithful to us. He promised never to leave us, and God always keeps his promises. We just need to have faith.

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