We can make a difference

In a recent conversation with someone we were talking about our frustrations at trying to get some specific tasks completed. During that conversation the person spoke about how they had agreed to take on the task because they felt they would be able to make a difference in other people’s lives by doing so.

Unfortunately that person has now found out that there are so many constraints on what they’re allowed to do, that they’re now questioning their decision agree to do the task. I felt so sorry for this person as you could see the passion and drive that they had when they first agreed to do the task, had slowly been drained from them. They were now questioning why they were still even trying to do the task.

The sad thing is, I know this person would, and could make a huge difference in others lives if they were allowed to get on with the task in hand without others unjustly putting obstacles in their way. Oh how the devil likes to wear us down doesn’t he?

We can be stronger than the devil when we’re challenged or frustrated by putting our trust firmly in God. If we give God all our frustrations, and all our challenges, God will help us get His work done by guiding us through those difficult times.

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