It’s December!

Can you believe it, we’ve reached December already? It seems to have been a really quick year, as it doesn’t seem that long ago we were just celebrating Easter. My Mum always told me that time passing quickly was a sign of getting older, although I always chose to dismiss this! Maybe there’s some truth in this, or maybe it’s just that when there’s a lot going on in your life and you’ve more things to juggle to fit everything in, time does seem to pass quicker, I don’t know.

Anyway, back to it being December – Not just December, but Advent Sunday. Do you know what Advent Sunday is?

Advent Sunday, which is also known as the first Sunday of Advent, is the first day of the Advent season. Advent season is the time when Christians prepare to celebrate Christmas, when they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent Sunday is always the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. It does even need to be in December, as it can fall as early as November 27 or as late as December 3.

On the first Sunday of Advent, Christian churches around the world will light their first candle of Advent. They will light an additional candle each of the following Sundays in the lead up to Christmas.

Now that the advent season has arrived, you’ve probably either started to put up your own Christmas decorations or have seen decorations that others have put up. You may have been our carol singing or playing Christmas carols, and if not, I’m sure that will all start very soon.

At the start of this advent season, please take time to remember what all the activities we’re involved in in these coming weeks, are really all about, the Christ of Christmas.

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