Twas the day after Christmas…

…and everyone is still stuffed from all the overeating they did on Christmas day.

Or are they?

Sadly these days there seems to be more and more people who either are homeless or feel desperately lonely, especially at Christmas time.

That’s why I for one, have been so delighted to see and hear of a number of places and people who have opened their doors or their homes to those less fortunate than themselves, this Christmas. I read of various locations opening their doors to the homeless and lonely this year, so they can not only get a meal on Christmas day, but also some company and someone to talk to.

Even closer to us we saw one of our neighbours, who has had some serious health issues in this last year, be taken in to another neighbours house for Christmas, just so they weren’t on their own.

This world that we live in has its problems and its challenges for us all, but at least there are still those who will give of their time and efforts to give to those who find themselves homeless or lonely this Christmas.

The thing is, people aren’t just homeless or lonely at Christmas. Many find themselves in those situations all year, so while reaching out and helping them over Christmas is a fantastic start, we need to remember, it is just as start.

In this day and age, in this country, there shouldn’t be anyone who is homeless, starving or lonely. So we need to affect the change of culture and change the future to end homelessness and hunger, and also look out for one another so that no-one ever feels they have no-one to turn to when life gets tough.

Be the change your community needs.


  1. What is divine about my creed if I am blind to human need? For you have said they serve you best who help the helpless and oppressed. (Salvation Army)


    1. Whats ur problem? All u do is quote random song lyrics as comments against these fab blog posts each day. If u wanna share song lyrics, get ur own blog site, and stop adding loadsa nothing to Dots great posts – so stop with all the comments where u just quote random lyrics at us!!!!!!
      Dot u should stop approving this persons comments as they add nothing to ur posts, repeat what u say in an aggressive way or r just not nice.


  2. Yvonne u just gonna ignore my comment? Random song lyrics on every post come on don’t u see how foolish ur looking? Ru trying to draw attention 2 yourself, because u are but not in a good way!!!!!!
    This is a grate website with challenging and inspiring christian posts. U want to share song lyrics well get a website of ur own and stop using other peoples to seek attention


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