We often talk about living extremely busy lives these days, and are often reminded that we need to make sure we make time for God in our daily activities – yes, I’ve blogged about that too! That’s all great, but I want to add something to this – We live in increasingly noisy times, so here’s a suggestion, take time to turn everything around us off, so we can spend quality quiet time with God.

There are so many ‘noises’ around us on a daily

  • we have mobile phones so are connected to friends and family 24/7, as social media has overtaken our lives
  • listen to music or watch tv shows wherever we are, or whatever the time.
  • even if we’re having a ‘quiet night in’ in our own home, do we actually sit at home without the tv on, or listening to music?

I’d actually go as far as saying that many would be ‘lost’ if they had to survive, even for a short time, without any internet connectivity. i.e. no mobile phone, laptop, Alexa, or TV.

For me, because of my job it’s a bit difficult to go without any connectivity. So when I have time off, I often don’t go near any social media for days. It’s not something I’ve made a conscious decision to do, but is something that just seems to happen these days.

I know you’re probably thinking I do still use social media, as I still blog on a daily basis – We’ll here’s the thing, I usually have my blog posts written and scheduled a week or two in advance, which means that when I’m off I just don’t write any blog posts.

I reduce the ‘noise’ around me at time, and I do enjoy it, as it gives me times to step back and focus on my life and reevaluate what I’m doing and why, and just reconnect with what and who, is important to me. So if you’re finding there’s so much ‘noise’ in your life, why not turn off the noise around you for a time, and just refocus your life on the One who is important in your life, God.

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