Striding ahead

Many people suffer from depression at some point in their life. There can be many triggers which cause depression.

  • Maybe you’re suffering from a major illness.
  • Stress of work.
  • A close friend or family member has died.
  • The breakdown of a marriage or friendship.

Depression may also be triggered by the build up of a number of events or circumstances over a period of time. Everyone is different, and everyone’s triggers are different. That in turn is why we all try and cope with depression in our own way.

  • Some talk to a therapist.
  • Some throw themselves into their work so they are ket busy.
  • Some rely on the love and support of their friends and family.
  • Some turn to God.

During depression, bible verses can be comforting and inspirational to some as they remind us that no matter what we’re dealing with, or how dark and hopeless life might seem, God is always there to lift you up.

Depression is a real illness suffered by many, and as such we should never try and suffer alone. So remember in your darkest moments, God is with you, always.

One comment

  1. Been there done that even wore the t shirt many years ago. A family member & my SA officer @the time helped me by just visiting and chatting with me.🙂


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