Just be there

If you’ve ever suffered from depression yourself, you’ll be able to completely relate to these words from Steven Fry. However even if you’ve never personally suffered from depression, I’m sure we all know someone close to us who has, or still is suffering from depression.

One of the worst things I found I was told when I suffered from depression was, ‘You just need to give yourself a shake and get on with things’. Honestly, only someone who has never suffered from depression would suggest that it was easy as ‘Just giving yourself a shake’, to break free out of the darkness and despair that depression brings…if it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone who is depressed do that?!

The loneliness that comes with depression, is incomparable to any other feeling of loneliness, and so that is why, if you know someone who is suffering from depression, that best thing you can do is just be there for them – You don’t even need to say or ask anything, as just knowing you have someone there for you when you’re at your lowest is about as good as it can get at that time.

Just be there.

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  1. I’ve suffered severe depression throughout my life. Best thing I ever did was to go to counselling. Didn’t use NHS counsellor as say them once before and they treated me like dirt and said it was all in my head which almost pushed me over the edge. Thankfully a freind recommended a charity to me that offers counselling. Was a bit of a waiting list to see someone, but was well worth it. Total opposite of NHS counsellor who was clearly there just to get paid, but charity volunteer counsellor (fully trained) was there because they wanted to help others. So understanding. No judgement. Just listened.
    So thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, as I agree, we just need to be there for others when they hit rock bottom, and listen.

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