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Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was growing up my Dad’s job was a further education lecturer, but he also was a keen professional musician, playing trombone in many well known jazz and big bands of the time, arranging and composing music, as well as forming is own jazz/big band. So as you can imagine from I young age I remember climbing up on the piano stood beside Dad as he tried out some arrangements/chords on the piano, or as he liked to say, he ‘was de-composing’.

In additional, having been taken to the Salvation Army by my family from a very early age, music was always a big part of my life throughout my formative years. It’s therefore not a surprise that music plays a major part in my life, and especially in my Christian life – I have experienced how music can bring me closer to God, and God closer to me.

It should therefore should be no surprise that there are some pieces of music or songs which are very important to me – some might not seem like much to other but, they have been an important to me at a particular point in my life.

Some of you may not understand just how important music can during particular moments in your life. However maybe if you listen to just one piece of music that means a lot to me you may understand it’s impact. Particularly if I tell you that this song reminded me during some of my darkest days, that there were many people praying for me. Because of them and God never giving up on me, I’m still here, still serving God.

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