When your mind plays tricks

I’ve had a few conversations in the last week with people about dreams. The conversations I’ve had have been initiated by different people, but have had two things in common – two questions which none of us were able to definitively answer.

  • Why do sometimes wake up and feel like our dreams are real?
  • Why are our dreams so strange?

While I can’t give you a 100% scientifically proven answer to either of those questions, I can give my thoughts on them.

As far as the first question is concerned I guess when our dreams are so vivid, we can slip easily from a sleeping state to being wide-awake, thus making our dreams seem more like reality.

I’ve had some really strange dreams at times, but there’s one thing they’ve all had in common – Whatever is said or done in the dreams or where I am, I can usually find something that has a connection (even if very tenuous) to something that’s happened that day, or been on my mind.

Dreams can often be a mash-up of lots of events or thoughts that have been in our mind, almost like our mind as thrown them all up in the air, and when they’ve landed on the ground they’ve smashed into pieces which our mind then attempts to put back together in our dreams. In other words a big jigsaw.

I’m curious, do you often remember your dreams? And what’s your thoughts on why we have such weird dreams sometimes?

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