You’re alive!

Possibly for me, because of all I’ve been through in the last few years, this photo is a fantastic reminder that I am still here, and that I’m still here for a reason.

There were days when I wondered whether I would still be here today, not for any sinister reason, but simply because I did have to go through very major surgery. My surgeon was confident I would make it, but of course there was always a risk that I wouldn’t.

I had major heart surgery so yes, placing my hand on my heart and feeling it beating is particularly significant for me.

So why am I still here? I truly believe that I’m still here because still has work for me to do for him. God has planned all our lives before us, so He alone knows when our time here on earth will be over. So if you’re having a rough day, just remember that if your heart’s still beating, God still needs you where you are – He is the reason you are still alive!

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