Home working

I’ve now been working from home full-time for 6 weeks now, and it seems much more than that! As you may have worked out I was already working from home for a couple of weeks before lockdown officially started here.

I have been working from home several days a week for almost two years now, so I am used to not being in the office with my team around every day. But I’m definitely still finding it odd not physically being with anyone now, particularly when I’ve just got a quick question and can’t just turn to them and ask the question.

If you’re working from home, how are you finding it? Not only am I still getting used to not having anyone working around me any day, but also finding I have much less time to actually do my work because I seem to have a lot more meetings, all virtually of course.

Normally when I’m in the office I get up from my chair every wee while and stretch my legs for a few minutes. I am finding though that working from home, I’m doing that less, which isn’t good. So now I have another task to add to all my other ones each day…to get away from my ‘desk’ to stretch my muscles and help my circulation, by moving around for a few minutes regularly throughout the day . This isn’t just something I should be doing, this is something we should all be doing regularly, as sitting for long periods is not good for anyone.

Do you have a routine at home for making sure you don’t sit about for long periods each day? If so, I’d love to hear about them. How are you finding it working from home every day? Have you had to adjust your hours or make any other adjustments?

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