Over the last three or four weeks, I’ve participated in a a few virtual quizzes, with subjects ranging from general knowledge to chocolate bars, Disney to flags. I’m not a great quizzer as my mind tends to go blank whenever I’m put on the spot, even on topics or subjects I know inside out!

All these quizzes have been held just as a bit of fun, to enable us to stay connected with friends and family. However it has to be said that some are way too competitive even in an informal quiz with no prizes, getting annoyed or frustrated when they can’t remember the answer to the question, or feel the questions are biased or too difficult for the participants.

Sometimes just a little reminder that it’s just a quiz and intended as a bit of fun is all that is required to refocus perspective. Mind you, maybe it’s just the stresses and strains of being in lockdown for a number of weeks now that’s really starting to get to us all!

So if you are taking part in any quizzes with family or friends these days, treat it more as a time to connect with those you can’t physically spend time with, rather than being so competitive about the quiz that you take it all too seriously, and therefore forget to enjoy yourself.

I’d be interested to hear about your quizzing experiences during lockdown, and any suggestions for quiz topics would be helpful too!

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