Striking a chord with me

Every once in a while, if you’re very lucky, you have the privilege of hearing a song that has it all: smooth, beautiful melody; meaningful, powerful lyrics that you can related to; and an incredible performance by a singer with a voice that is obviously a God-given talent.

When you hear a song that ticks all these boxes, you know right away. It is rare, so it’s special when you have that moment. For me, I had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago while listening to some music. Lauren Daigle singing ‘You say’ came on, and I immediately stopped what I was doing as the words of the song just struck a chord with me at that time – It was as if God himself had written the words and had entrusted Lauren to deliver it directly to me, all so I would remember that I am strong and I am loved.

So you may have noticed that I’ve shared a number of songs by Lauren Daigle in my blog posts over the last two or three weeks. Well that’s because, after being really touched by the words and music of ‘You Say’, I listened to several of her albums, and as I listened, many of the song seemed to be just what I needed at that time, ‘How Can It Be’, ‘Still Rolling Stones’ etc.

Lauren’s music has just been the pick-me-up I’ve needed in the last few weeks. Music that most definitely has touched my heart, warmed by soul and reminded me that God love me always.

Have you heard a song that has been ‘just what you needed’ at that time? How did it affect you? Did it lift your spirits and encourage you?

I pray that when you’re in need of encouragement, you will come across a song that will give you the encouragement you need just at that time.

So finally, here’s Lauren Daigle again singing ‘You Say’, which was that first of her songs that struck a chord with me. I trust you enjoy it, and it offers you the reminder that you are strong because God loves you!

One comment

  1. I notice someone has just given this post 1 star. Absolutely shocking. They can’t have ever experienced that REAL connection with a song to have given your post only 1 star. This post reminded me that God always finds a way to connect with us even when we think we’re not listening to him. Thanks for the reminder.


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