Every single one

A little late in posting today’s blog post as I’ve been very uncertain about what to post tonight. However, just a little while ago when I was on Facebook, the following quote popped up in my memories. It seemed very appropriate for our world just now, especially given events of this week.

Learn from those around you. Honour those above you. Regard no one as beneath you. Encourage those beside you….Love them all. ~ Nicky Gumbel

This week on the news I’m sure we’ve all seen and heard people who have no regard for other human lives, never mind loving them! It’s not always easy to like some people let alone love them!

Everyone is loved by God, but are they loved by you? God commanded us to love one another, so as Christians and believers we must try and love everyone even though it can be very difficult, especially when people who hardly know us lie to us; some will actively say or do things to harm our reputation or even hurt us; then there are those who ignore or exclude us; and to me, worst of all, there are those who pretend to be our “best friend” but when our back is turned, are the first to stab us in the back.

Not easy is it? But with God’s help, we can love everyone.

“So I give you now a new commandment: Love each other just as much as I have loved you. For when you demonstrate the same love I have for you by loving oneanother, everyone will know that you’re my true followers.”

John 13:34-35 (The Passion Translation)

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