The return

It’s back! Tonight premier league football in England returns after it’s postponement because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The football matches may be back, but it’s not going to be football as we know and love it – there will be no fans allowed inside the stadiums, and football will be live streamed on days/times never done before in the UK. i.e. 3pm kickoff on Saturday.

Are you looking forward to watching the premier league again?

What’s your thoughts on the following:

  1. The season should have finished instead of suspended when lockdown came into force, meaning teams would have finished in the position they were in the table at that point.
  2. The season should be declared null and void.
  3. Games should not restart without fans in the stadium.
  4. Football should not restart until a vaccine is available.
  5. Football is not more important than peoples’ lives, so should not restart until no new cases of COVID-19 are reported in the country.

Yes, I like watching football, but for me, I’m not convinced the time is right for football to restart here.

But football is back, so how’s the remainder of the season going to go? Will Liverpool carry on where they left off? Who’s going to be relegated from the premier league, and who will get the European places?

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