What are you focusing on?

In the last few months during lockdown, we’ve been working our way through a number of box sets. So a couple of nights ago we continued watching the series we were on, and I realised I didn’t really understand who some of the people in the episode were – When I asked my husband if he knew who they were, he said they were in the previous episode, ‘did I not remember?’

When we were watching that previous episode, I was busy sorting out some posts for our band Facebook page (Bellshill Salvation Army Band) – so it seems I wasn’t paying as much attention to the programme as I thought I was, as I definitely did not remember seeing these new characters in that episode!

This made me realise that even though I thought I was able to give me attention to these two things at the same time, I clearly had given one of them enough attention as I couldn’t remember some of the main people in the storyline of a DVD! I wonder how many times God’s been trying to get my attention but I’ve been too busy focusing on other things?

How can we ever hope to understand God’s message for us if we don’t fully focus our attention on Him?

This was a reminder to me, that to spend quality time on any task, I should not multi-task, especially during my devotional time with God. How can I listen to God’s guidance if I’m too busy doing other things, that I can’t hear God.

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