How does it feel?

When you’re having ‘one of those days’ such as those I described in yesterday’s post Ever Had One Of Those Days?, how do you feel? Depressed? Alone? Worthless? Useless?

Those are all feelings I have felt many times when I’m having ‘ones of those days’ or indeed, ‘one of those weeks’ and even, ‘one of those years’! I can tell you now, those are not nice feelings, and therefore ones I hope you never experience them yourself.

But someone does care about you, even if you don’t realise it – God loves you and cares for you, and he will get you through ‘one of those days, weeks or years’.

Do you sometimes feel that no one truly knows you,
And that no one understands or really cares?
Through his people, God himself is close beside you,
And through them he plans to answer all your prayers.
Someone cares, someone cares,
Someone knows your deepest need, your burden shares;
Someone cares, someone cares,
God himself will hear the whisper of your prayers.
Ours is not a distant God, remote, unfeeling,
Who is careless of our loneliness and pain,
Through the ministry of men he gives his healing,
In their dedicated hands brings hope again.

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