Pray for our schools

This morning on the Bellshill Salvation Army Band Facebook page (and on our website) we shared our recording of the well known, and much loved song, ‘The Prayer’. As well as sharing a video including the words associated with the song I also added the following text – I ask that you also follow the request I made on the BSAB page:

This last week saw teachers and pupils returning to school for the first time since all schools were closed in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of those returning to school (and their families), will be anxious or worried about their safety and what the new ‘normal’ at school will look like.We have a number of teachers and pupils in the band, and our corps, so as you watch/listen to the ‘The Prayer’, we ask that you pray for all teachers and pupils.

Let this be our prayer
As we go our way
Lead us to a place
Guide us with your grace
To a place where we'll be safe

Here’s the video of BSAB playing ‘The Prayer’. You can find this recording on our latest CD ‘Immeasurable’.

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