Down through the generations

When it comes to our learning, we learn so much from our parents or guardians, as during our formative years we spend much of our time with them. Much of what we learn is based on what our parents or guardians learned from their parents or guardians. In other words, many of the things we believe, are the things that previous generations of our family also believed.

Here’s an example – Are you a football fan, or a fan of another sport? If so, do you support/follow the same team your parents/guardians support? I suspect for many of us, we do support/follow the same team as our parents/guardian supported.

When it comes to whether we believe in God, or what faith, if any, we profess, I again suspect that many of us will have followed the example set us by our parents/guardians. I know this isn’t always the case, but I do think it’s correct for many – I myself am a Christian and a member of the Salvation Army, just as my Mum and her Mum and Dad were. So yes, I was taught about God in the same way my Mum was.

Just as my beliefs were built from the foundations previous generations of my family held, so my knowledge and belief that God is my Heavenly Father is based on God’s teaching being passed down through the generations.

The words of Christ
Passed down through generations
The Son of God teaching us to pray
Echoed words
Father have Your will, Your way in me

We wholly trust
You're faithful in provision
Amazing grace, mercy for our sins
May we forgive
The way that You've forgiven us, oh Lord So we can sing

Our Father
Hallowed be Your Name
Forever our God be exalted
Your kingdom come and in us
Let Your will Be done
Our Father

Lead us from the valley of temptation
Deliver us from the evil one
Lord You reign and here we stand
Victorious in Your Name
Together we pray

Yours is the kingdom and power and glory
God of authority, ancient of days
Yours is the wisdom and honour
Forever and always and always
Yours is the kingdom and power and glory
God of authority, ancient of days
Yours is the wisdom and honour
Forever and always we pray

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