Time marches on

Is it just me, or are the weeks just flying by?

I was talking with friends a few days and we all agreed that it seems incredible that we’re almost half way through September already! A few months ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the UK to go into lockdown, resulting in us working from home full-time, we thought the following months would be the longest months ever.

In many ways life pre coronavirus seems a long time ago, as so much about our lives has completely changed over these last months. However it still seems as though spring, and summer have come and now gone, and we’re now into autumn, all in the blink of an eye. I’ve never quite understood how the same amount of time can feel like it’s flown past on minute, but dragged the next.

We’ve never had to live through a time like this before, and hopefully the world will get this virus under control and hopefully eradicated before many more suffer and die. However I’m acutely aware we are a long way from that being reality.

We’re all dealing with this time of great uncertainty in our own way. Many are struggling with health concerns (for themselves or family members), financial worries, job insecurity, their mental health.

Whatever you’re having to cope with just now, and however you’re trying to cope with it, I pray that as time marches on, that you can put your faith in trust in God to get you and your friends and family through these times of uncertainty.

Take care, and stay safe everyone!

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