Fix it

It can be difficult sometimes to move on when situations or circumstances in your life are causing you great concern. As humans we are by nature worriers – some of us more than others.

Have you noticed though that the more we worry about something, the more worried we get?

And have you noticed that often when we worry about something, the reality doesn’t turn out to be as bad as we thought?

So what do we actually achieve by worrying, as worrying about something does not change how a situation or circumstance will turn out? I’d suggest we achieve nothing by worrying. However knowing that certainly does not stop me from worrying about things. In fact even in the last few days I’ve found myself waking during the night and finding myself thinking about some situations that I’m worried or anxious about – What did I achieve by doing so….nothing! All I did was get myself more worked up about the situations, and stopped myself from getting some much needed sleep.

We can’t fix or resolve anything by worrying. But we can lift the weight of our worries from us, by taking all our worries and concerns to God.

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