We area all put under pressure of show others how strong and resilient we are in our personal and spiritual life. For some of us, we may feel guilty because we don’t feel strong, and heap pressure on ourselves to ‘put on’ an image of being strong. We can feel as if we’re not good enough, not just because we don’t measure up to what others expect from us, but because we constantly see our failures rather than our successes. We forget that none of us are perfect because we all make mistakes, as we say and do things we shouldn’t, we don’t say or do things we should.

Even in the bible we read about the mistakes, or sins of numerous people who were, or became key people in the history of faith and the bible. These people all tell us that every human have different strengths and weakness. And that everyone is dependent on God because He provides each of us with spiritual gifts He wants us to use to bring others to faith in Him. We all are reliant on God, because he alone can provide all we need, in every situation.

We are not perfect, only God is perfect, so why do we criticise ourselves for our failures especially when we don’t celebrate our successes.

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