The only bible

There are some who once believed in, and trusted God, but walked away from God because they feel he let them down.

Some don’t believe in God because they believe they’re not worthy of God’s love, or that God couldn’t possibly love them.

Others have never heard of God, so have never made a conscious choice to turn away from or ignore God.

Whatever the reason why some non-believers don’t believe in God, those of who are Christians are the ones who have a huge responsibility to show them Christ. No matter how much non-believers hear about God, his teachings and his promises, if they can’t see Christ in us through the way we live our lives, how can we expect them to believe what the bible says?

Live the bible each day, then others will see Christ in through us.


  1. Another great post by Dot, so whoever you are that is still making a conscious decision to give these great posts 1 solitary star, just why???
    If you don’t like what a post has to say, just move on, OR comment and give valid reasons why you don’t like the post or don’t agreed with it. Giving 1 star isn’t helpful, especially as you doing this seems random – Not a specific type of post you’re continually rating 1 star. Give details or don’t rate! I for one want to know what you don’t like about these posts you rate as 1 star.
    Dot is way too nice to say anything, but I’m sure she’d want to know your reasons for the low ratings.
    I love Dot’s posts, sometimes they’re about subjects I’m not familiar with or keen on, but I just move on and await the next post that challenges and inspires me.
    Keep up all your great work Dot, I love reading your blog, as you are so honest, but also challenge and inspire me too. Thank you. Dianne X


    1. No sure I agree with your comments Dianne, sorry, as everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the main reason I blog isn’t for popularity. I do agree though that if anyone doesn’t like or agree with any of my posts, that they are free to ignore the post, however they are also free to give the post a rating they think it deserves.
      It would be good to get feedback from more readers of my blog, to get a better understanding of what posts they like, or dislike, and why. I don’t blog to please everyone, I simply blog to share the thoughts and experiences of the person God knows me as.
      Thanks for reading, and commenting.


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