I recently saw a friend share the following

You know how concealer is ideal for covering up skin little blemishes? Pat it on and blend blend blend, and you’re done!

It works great for life problems too.

No cash? Get a loan!

Spilt red wine? Use white wine to clean it up!

What’s your favourite ‘life’ concealer?

A friend

Yes, my friend’s post related to skin concealer products (i.e. makeup), but it did strike me that many of us have different types of concealer we use to ‘hide’ away our problems from others. Whether that be ‘putting on our public face’ when we’re out and about, or saying we’re ‘ok’ when others ask us if we’re alright.

Sometimes though it can do us the world of good to use some makeup remover, to remove our concealer and give our skin some fresh air. Likewise removing our ‘public face’ and letting others see how we really are, can sometimes be that release we need as not only will be ‘let go’ of our emotions and feelings, but we may be surprised by the support we receive from others.

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