Sun and rain

I don’t know about you, but I’m not great at accepting compliments. Probably because I’m a perfectionist, and therefore always think I can do much better than I’ve actually done, even when I have done what most would consider to be, a good job. However I do appreciate that it is always good to feel appreciated, and thanked for a job well done.

I may be uncomfortable accepting compliments, but when it comes to criticism, it very much how the criticism is given to me, and who it’s from, how well I receive it. Some people are great at giving criticism, as they give it in a positive way, to allow the recipient to to learn and understand how they can improve. Unfortunately that’s not how some give their criticism, as they can do it in a confrontational way, rather than in a constructive way. It also depends who gives the criticism, as if it comes from someone you respect and value their opinion, the criticism is easier to take, particularly when it’s given in a constructive way.

It would be so destructive to our spirits if all we ever received was criticism.

It would be hard to keep motivating ourselves if no-one ever told us we’re doing a good job, or thanks us for our efforts.

So just as flowers need sun and rain, so we need to be complimented as well as receive constructive criticism.

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