Heating reminder

I have been working from home now since March, and in that time we’ve gone, from winter, to spring, to summer, autumn and now back to winter again.

The room I’ve been using as my home office, is a small room in which we just used the wardrobes/cupboards in but not much else. So normally when I finish work at night, I turn the radiator in the room down to frost guard, and then close the door. I normally then just turn the radiator back up again when I’m going to bed at night, so that when the heating comes back on in the morning, it heats the room up for me before I start work.

For the last week or so here, temperatures have dropped, and the even during the day the temperature has barely got above freezing. I think it was Wednesday night last week when as usual, I went to turn the radiator back up in my home office before I went to bed, so the room was heated for me working on Thursday morning. I opened the door to the room, and brrrrrrr…what a cold chill hit me – the room was freezing! – I sure it wasn’t actually freezing, but it did feel very cold compared to the rest of the house.

This reminded me how lucky I was to be able to turn the heating in that room up to make it warm again, so I didn’t need to sit in the cold to work the following day. Lucky because there are so many who do not have a roof over their head never mind the luxury of central heating they can just turn on when they’re cold. Lucky because there are so many struggling financially that will have to make choices between food or heat.

That night just reminded me to never take for granted what I have, and to do what I can to help others less fortunate than myself. If you are able, please consider giving to charity this Christmas to help them provide food and shelter to those who are in need of assistance this year.

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