One of those days

Ever had one of those days which starts badly, and then one thing after another seems to go wrong? I had one of those days this week – It made me wish I could just go back to bed, pull the cover up over my head and either restart the day, or forget about that day and restart again the following day.

My day started badly when my alarm went off, I turned it off, and just lay there for a few minutes feeling like I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. Finally got out of bed and got ready for work (working from home). I then signed onto my work laptop and connected to our work network, but about 5 minutes later my laptop suddenly rebooted without any warning. It then appeared to be installing some updates, but when it finished it took 2 further manual reboots before my laptop would restart again!

Once my laptop finally restarted successfully, II then found my wireless mouse was no longer working, even though my wireless keyboard was. Just new batteries required I thought – I should have known better, as new batteries made no difference and my wireless mouse remained dead.

Meanwhile I’d already encountered another problem – I couldn’t get reconnected to the network at work. The good news on this one is that I’ve since discovered that a lot of people had connectivity issues that day, so this issue at least wasn’t just mine! It took several more reboots of my laptop, and a number of attempts to connect to the network at work before I eventually got everything working again.

That was the end of my IT/technology issues, but that wasn’t the end of my ‘bad day’! After getting all my IT issues resolved (apart from my ‘dead’ wireless mouse), it was time to get a coffee. I put the coffee cup I had used earlier in the morning down at the top of stairs while I returned to get something else from my ‘office’. But when I went to pick my coffee cup up again, it slipped from my hand, and the little bit of coffee still in the cup spilled all over the carpet on the top hall! What a mess so little coffee can make! I spent the next 15 minutes clearing up the mess made by the coffee, and trying to get all the coffee out the carpet so it didn’t stain.

After that it was downstairs to make, what was by this time, in my opinion, a very well deserved coffee! By this time it was almost midday, and I just wanted to give up on the day. It had already been a day and a half, and wondered what else was going to go wrong with my day.

The good news is, the remainder of that day went by without any further issues or problems. Thank goodness, as I’d already had more than enough of that day before I’d even got halfway through the morning.

One bit of bad news from that day – Although my wireless keyboard continues to work, I was unable to resuscitate my wireless mouse.

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