The joy of… #2

Have you ever stopped for a minute, to think about things which give you joy? Well I decided it was time for me to share a few thoughts about the things which bring me joy.

Today my ‘joy’ post is about lasting friendships – Those friendships with stand the test of time.

Those lasting friendships are ones we must be particularly thankful for, as they are our friends who, regardless of how much time has passed since we last spoke, or how may miles lie separate us, will still pick up where we left of. i.e. after speak for 5 minutes for the first time in months, it can seem like we’ve never been apart. Those are friendships to cherish.

That doesn’t mean we never have arguments or disagree with these friends, because we do, it simply means we can agree to disagree and move on as our friendship means more than agreeing about everything.

I hope you also have friendships like this, and that you give thanks for them as friendships like that don’t just happen, they take work on both sides.

These friendships bring me joy in countless way, that’s why I had to include them in my ‘joy of’ series.

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