The joy of… #3

Have you ever stopped for a minute, to think about things which give you joy? Well I decided it was time for me to share a few thoughts about the things which bring me joy.

Today my ‘joy’ post is about going to the hairdressers after 3 months of lockdown, again! So what else could I write about today lol

Hairdressers and barbers here, reopened after our latest lockdown, on Monday 5 April, so I was absolutely delighted to be able to go to hairdressers to get my much needed cut and colour.

My hairdresser actually phoned me a few hours after it was announced when hairdressers could reopen, however I was on a meeting at work at the time so had just let the call go to my voicemail. By the time I was able to call her back, the first appointment I could get was today. To be honest, much as I would have loved to have been their first appointment after they reopened on Easter Monday,I am just happy to have been there today, as I know number of people who can’t get hair appointments until May!

I’ve been on a few calls with folk this week who had clearly already had their hairdresser appointment, and lots of comments have been made – I think we all just to delighted to have finally got to the hairdressers!

I hope if you’ve been in lockdown, and your hairdresser/barbers is now open again, you have either already had an appointment or you’ve got one soon. After all, I think for many of us, we would consider our hairdressers/barbers as our personal essential workers.

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