It’s May for goodness sake!

What is going on with the weather these days? Now that we’re into May we expect the temperature to be higher, less rain and generally sunnier and warmer. That’s why when we had a snow shower the other day we had to question whether the weather knew what month it was!

Yes, we had a snow shower – it’s didn’t last long, and didn’t lie on the ground. However one of my work colleagues mentioned that when he got up the other morning and looked out, it was white outside as it had been snowing overnight. Mind you, even that didn’t seem too bad in comparison to the snowy weather some places in the UK experienced this week – Apparently there was so much snow in the Lake District that skiers were able to take advantage of the unexpected May snow!

April was apparently one of the driest Aprils we’ve had for a number of years – All I can say to that is so far, May seems to be trying to make up for the lack of April showers!

I’m just hoping April has just extended into May a little bit, and that our expected May weather will soon shine through.

I hope wherever you are, you May weather is drier, sunnier and warmer than what we’ve been experiencing so far this month.

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