Living a sham?

What characteristics or traits do you think people take into account (some subconsciously) when coming to their initial impression of someone?

  • How well groomed they are
  • Tone of voice
  • Language/choice of words when the person speaks
  • How they are dressed

That’s just some of the characteristics some consider when they first meet someone. None of them are specifically related to whether our first impression informs others that we are a Christian. here’s a few thoughts about what makes/does not make us a Christian.

true identity
  • Does owning a bible make you a Christian?
  • If you grew up in a Christian family and attended Sunday school as a youngster, does that make you a Christian?
  • If you wear jewellery in the shape of a cross, does that make you a Christian?
  • If you attend a church (in person or virtually) only at Christmas or for social occasions such as a wedding, funeral, christening (or dedication) etc, does that make you a Christian?
  • If you attend church (in person or virtually) every week, does that make you a Christian?

How did you answer these five questions? I hope your answer was ‘No’ to all five of these questions as being a Christian isn’t about attending church. Instead, being a Christian means we believe in God, and have given Him every part of our lives, the good and the bad. If our lives don’t reflect Christ, our life as a Christian is a sham.

Think about your own life, and be honest with yourself and with God, when you answer my next question – Are you just ‘going through the motions’ of being a Christian?

If you are just ‘going through the. motions’, I urge you to stop living a sham, and instead give every part of yourself and your life to God. When we do that others will see Christ in us, and will see from our words and actions that we are Christians.

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