Do you have to take part in or lead personal development reviews at work? If so, you’ll probably be able to relate to at least some of this post, so I hope you find it helpful.

Have a think about areas of weakness in our life (any part of it, work related, relationship related, faith related etc) or to use other terminology that’s often used, what are the areas that need improvement in your life?

I came across a quote I had jotted down in a notebook a few years ago. I’m not sure where I got the quote from, or who said it, but it fits well with my thoughts today.

To be strong you must realise your human weakness and have the courage to ask for help from God and your fellow human beings


How can we improve as human beings if we don’t even recognise what we’re doing wrong?

Once we recognise the things about ourselves that we need to improve upon, we may need help in understanding how we go about changing ourselves. So we must not be afraid of asking for help from a subject matter expert (SME) – Remember that the SME you need to ask to help may be God, as He can help in every situation!

By working on your areas for improvement, you can improve yourself, and in turn can get nearer to achieving all you can in your life.


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