So several hours later than usual, but I’m finally posting today’s blog post.

I usually have my blog posts written for about a week in advance, but not this week – The last few weeks have been exhausting both physically and mentally with a number of unrelated things going on just now.

Over the last could of weeks we’ve been getting what has now become my ‘work’ room redone – Old fitted wardrobes removed, squeaky floor fixed (as best it could be), new flooring, and redecorated. So the work was finally finished today, so the cleanup started this afternoon, and continued into the evening, as we cleared the whole house and started moving things back into the room. Before I knew it it was way past time to write and schedule my post for tonight. In other words I’ve been distracted.

When I realised what time it was and I’d not yet post today’s blog post, I thought about various distractions we face on a daily, the things which distract us from our work, ourselves, our family and our faith.

While many of these distractions can be annoying, being distracted from our faith is something that the devil is pleased to see – After all, if we’re distracted from our quiet time with God, we aren’t learning and growing in our faith, and we aren’t following God’s path for our lives, so the devil is delighted.

So don’t delight the devil by being distracted by worldly things and ignore your faith. Instead make sure you always set aside tie with God each day and don’t be distracted from it.

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