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Ever since the recording of us (Bellshill Salvation Army Band) playing ‘Procession to Covenant’ was shared with me last weekend, I have found the melody and the words constantly going through my head. If you missed my post on Wednesday where I shared this recording, you can see it here, it’s called Covenant.

‘Procession to Covenant’ is a very special piece of music for me – Words of the song married with this beautiful arrangement of ‘St Margaret’ are just so special, as they remind me of some special times with my Mum, someone who right to the end of her life believed in, and fully trusted God. I miss her dearly, and those words ‘O love that will not let me go’, not only remind me that God will never let me go, but neither will the love my Mum and Dad had for me, and I for them.

I am so lucky that there is more than one melody/arrangement that I love, that are used with the words of ‘O love that will not let me go’. I have used it before in my blog, but want to share it again with you today, as ever since I first heard this a few years ago, it has become a firm favourite, especially because it also is set to these words which mean so much to me. I hope you are enjoy and are blessed as you listen to Elaine Hagenberg’s ‘O love’.

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