Review your steps

For many these days, we know exactly how many steps we take each day, as many of us have watches, mobiles, or pedometers that will automatically count each step we take. Many of them will also use GPS to track our location, so we can later look back and see the area we have walked and the distance we have covered.

While reviewing my step count and the route/area covered in a recent walk, it got me thinking about how easy it was now to review where we’ve been and the route we took to get there. It also got me thinking about my Christian journey, and the route I’ve taken through my life with God.

  • Have I made mistakes and gone the wrong way? YES
  • Have there been times when I’ve ignored God’s guidance and followed a different path? YES
  • Have I always put my faith in God to guide me through? NO

I know my Christian journey hasn’t been perfect, as my answers to these questions prove, but I know that despite my mistakes, God is with me and I just need to trust Him to guide me.

When you review your Christian journey to-date, remember no matter what your past or your present looks like, God is still with you, and is ready to help and guide you if you just reach out to Him.

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