Improve your life #6

I’m sure we all want to our friends and family, and ourselves, to have happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately much of what happens in our life is out with our control, so we need to find ways of coping, or dare I say, surviving life.

This post is part of a series in which I’ll provide a few suggestions on how to improve your life, ones which have been found to work for many over the years.

Today’s suggestion is instead of thinking negative thoughts about someone or something, think positive thoughts about them, as that will help lift your spirits and help you see the good in them.

Have you noticed how when you get annoyed with someone or with a situation, you sometimes just want to shout out loud and complain about it? Well while that might seem like a good idea at the time, it doesn’t really provide a long term fix, and doesn’t help you feel any better either, does it?

To help overcome our negative thoughts about a person or a situation, we should look for the positives about them – Yes, I know that might be difficult sometimes, but if we dig deep enough, we will almost always find some positive about everyone and every situation.

So stop those negative thoughts, and look for the positives, however hard they may be to find.

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